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V.V.A.R.: Leading the student revolt on campus against speech codes, political correctness,
multiculturalism, gender feminism, dormitory re-education, lying about Vietnam, and other
instruments of academic oppression.


Leonard Magruder - Founder/President

Former professor of psychology - Suffolk College, N.Y.

Director of Counseling and Research – University of N.D. (ret.)

Academic Advisor – Gathering of Eagles

Academic Advisor – Veterans For Academic Freedom


CONTACT:  -  Phone: 785-312-9303


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March 6, 2010

A Terrible Silence


September 3, 2007

Handout Article – Eagle Events


Wrong Then, Wrong Today

March 15, 2007


March 9, 2007

Just Sitting Here, Waiting


December 20, 2006

Closing In On Truth


December 5, 2006

Toying With the Abyss


October 23, 2006

Tet 1968 – V.V.A.R.


August 6, 2006

Deterrence Now 2 – V.V.A.R.


March 27, 2006

Islam: Violence and Lust – V.V.A.R.


March 22, 2006

Saddam/Al Qaeda – V.V.A.R.


July 15, 2005

Operation Shield America – V.V.A.R.


June 24, 2005

Liberal Hypocrisy – V.V.A.R.


May 16, 2005

Evolution Collapse – V.V.A.R.


May 10, 2005

Intelligent Design to Psychology – V.V.A.R.


May 5, 2005

Associated Press Fake – V.V.A.R.


March 8, 2005

Evolution Flim-Flam – V.V.A.R.


January 30, 2005

Nuclear Attack – V.V.A.R.


January 16, 2005

Turning Their Backs – Again







Articles on Islam

The most important and insightful articles, out of hundreds, that we have read in the past two years on the subject of Islam and terrorism plus excerpts from our eight earlier articles. Collectively we believe this material presents a fair picture of the situation facing both this nation and the free world.


Secondary Education

Vietnam vet reform group charges media with covering up latest evidence of education failure. Calls on Vietnam vets and African-Americans as major victims of leftist bigotry to join in demanding reform.


Higher Education

Call for university reform has roots in Vietnam War. Pioneer organization notes growing number of student groups challenging professors.


Vietnam and the Media - 10 parts

All of the stories in this series on media suppression, and more, are found in the VVAR Monograph, The War on the Home Front. It also includes observations on the on-going deterioration in higher education.


Three Vietnam films

The films, How the Campus Lied About Vietnam, The Long Way Home Project, and Silent Victory all demonstrate how the campus lied about Vietnam.


Manifesto Against Leftist Tyranny

Victory in Iraq exposes bankruptcy of campus left. Students and veterans urge firing of leftist professors to end decades of academic tyranny.







Micheal Clodfelter, Vietnam combat veteran and noted war historian, author of  seven published  books, including Vietnam in Statistics: A History of the Indochina Wars and Warfare and Armed Conflict, has the following to say about Leonard Magruder:


“During an era when it was politically incorrect and uncool to show support for the American men and women in uniform, Leonard Magruder was one of the comparatively few members of academia to publicly stand by and stand up for those warriors fighting America's most decisive war. This monograph is a testament to Magruder's loyalty to the veterans of Vietnam and to the steadfastness of his convictions.”


To learn more about what Vietnam combat veterans have to say about what they experienced when they returned home as a result of the “peace” movement's antiwar efforts, Len Magruder also recommends the award-winning documentary, Silent Victory.  Silent Victory is the story of Company F, 51st Long Range Patrol (Airborne) Infantry, the most successful unit of its kind during the Vietnam War, and of the men who served in this unit. It is a story about what made these men and the unit so special, what made them function so well, and what made them successful in accomplishing their mission. They movingly talk about their combat experiences, and what they faced when they returned home, where they were treated not as heroes, but as villains. General H. Norman Schwarzkopf provides significant background and insight. To learn more, visit the


About Leonard Magruder

Leonard Magruder is founder and president of Vietnam Veterans for Academic Reform, a national organization with a student auxiliary at the University of Kansas. Mr. Magruder started V V A R in 1982 after resigning as Professor of Psychology at Suffolk College, N.Y., to protest poor treatment of veterans by the anti-war protestors, and has worked with Vietnam veterans ever since on a variety of events and media projects. See Vietnam and the Media for a history of the movement. He served as National Coordinator for the largest Vietnam symposium held to date, at Stony Brook University in 1986. Mr. Magruder produced the documentary, How the Campus Lied About Vietnam, consisting of interviews with Vietnam Vets, which is in use at a number of universities. His interests and writings cover a wide variety of current controversial subjects, but primarily education reform, Islam, evolution, and Vietnam veteran issues.



V.V.A.R. Board of Advisors - National

·     Mr. Richard Kitson - President, Vietnam Veterans of America - Suffolk Chapter (New York)

·Mr. Dennis Garbosky - founder, Vietnam War Historical Society (New York)

·     Mr. Ray Gallagher - past Commander, American Legion - Toronto (Canada)

·     Col. Stanley Horton - former Director, V.V. Leadership- Houston (Texas)

·     Mr. John Lowe - Commander, Native American Veterans Association (Kansas)

·     Mr. Stephen Markley - former Director, V.V.Leadership - Minnesota (Kansas)

·     Dr. William Beausay - Academic Consultant - psychology (Ohio)

·     Annette R. Hall – Co-author of I Served and Executive Producer of the documentary, Silent Victory (Washington)

·     Mr. Steve Hawkins - President, Committee on the Crisis in Education (Kansas)

·     Mr. William Street - history - Vietnam War (Hawaii)

·     Dr. Richard G. Stevens - Professor of Political Science Emeritus-Institute of World Politics (Washington, D.C.)

·     Mr. Dan M. Steinruck - Virginia State Director for Point Man Ministries (Virginia)

·     Mr. Bernie Russo - President, VVA Chapter #484, Editor, VVA Newspaper- Conn. Edition (Connecticut)

·     Mr. Joseph P. Larson - Consultant - Computer Science (Kansas)

·     Mr. Bill Laurie - Academic Consultant - History of Vietnam War (Arizona)

·     Rev. Lloyd Snodgrass - Academic Consultant -Theology (Kansas)


From Letters:

·     “Your activities indeed, indeed, sound very worthwhile.” - Edwin Feulner - President - The Heritage Foundation

·     “Very best wishes for success in your important work.” -  Former President George Bush

·     “I salute your aims… my best wishes in this.” - Charlton Heston - actor, producer

·     “The purpose and goals you have outlined for Vietnam Veterans for Academic Reform are excellent and I commend you and your colleagues.” - Pat Robertson - Chairman - the Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc.

·     “Very best wishes for your important work.” Christopher Demuth - President - American Enterprise Institute

·     “Your concerns regarding the academic climate on our nation’s college campuses will be provided to the Legion’s  National Committee on Education.” - The American Legion

·     “I never miss an opportunity to thank Vietnam veterans for serving their country. …best wishes for great success.” - H. Norman Schwarzkopf - General, U.S. Army (ret.)

·     “Thanks for all your efforts on behalf of Vietnam veterans.”- Micheal Clodfelter - Vietnam veteran and author of Vietnam in Military Statistics : A Study of  the Indochina  Wars, 1772-1991

·     “You have done an exhaustive bit of research and I congratulate you.” - General William C. Westmoreland

·     Its comforting to know that folks like you are in the trenches taking a stand in mainstream America. Keep up the good work.” - Karl Day - Editor - Washington Watch 

·     …has greatest respect for veterans and takes this very seriously.”- Office of Kweisi Mfume -President - NAACP

·     “Many of your aims have been the subject of articles in VFW Magazine. Good luck with your project.” - Richard Kolb - Editor-in-Chief - VFW Magazine

·     With the help of people like you we can achieve a real breakthrough in academic freedom.”- Reed Irvine - Chairman - Accuracy in Academia 

·     “… holds deep respect for the overwhelming contributions and sacrifices veterans have made.” - Office of Steven Spielberg - movie producer

·     “Best of luck with your enterprise” - William F. Buckley Jr.- National Review.

·     “I share your objectives” - James Buchanan, Nobel Laureate - George Mason University



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Leonard Magruder

Founder/President, V.V.A.R.

Phone: 785-312-9303




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